WAMIA Board Members

The Accountable Authority is the Western Australian Meat Industry Authority, which consists of seven (7) Members representing producers, processors, retailers, industry employees and government appointed by the Minister and one (1) Member nominated by the Department of Agriculture and Food as a representative. The Authority reports to the Minister.

The Authority Members as at 5 September 2017:

Name of Member Position Held Term Expires
David Lock (Chairman) Representing the Minister 31/03/2018
Mark Panizza Representing Processors 30/03/2019
Warren Robinson Representing Wholesale & Retail Meat Industry 31/03/2018
Andrew Kennedy Representing Employees of the Industry 30/03/2019
Belinda Murray Representing Producers of Meat 31/03/2020
Damien Hills Representing Department of Agriculture and Food  
Sally O'Brien Representing Producers of Meat 30/03/2020
Kim McDougall Representing Private Abattoirs 30/03/2020


David Lock (Chairman)

Lock has been appointed Chairman of the Western Australian Meat Industry Authority since March 2012. Lock is currently Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Mareterram Limited, an Australian owned agribusiness and food company headquartered in WA. Norwest, a division of Mareterram, is the single largest owner operator within the Shark Bay Prawn Managed Fishery, while Mareterram Foods manage the sales and marketing of the Norwest products together with other premium, sustainably caught seafood that are sourced worldwide, as well as acting as the exclusive agents for other premium food brands.

Mark Panizza 

Panizza was reappointed to the Board for a third three-year term in April 2016. Panizza is a CPA and represents the interests of private abattoirs. He has worked in various regional areas throughout the State as an accountant in public practice before taking up a position in the private sector. Panizza is currently a Director and CEO of Dardanup Butchering Company. He is the Chairman of the Australian Meat Industry Association’s Western Australian Processor Council and is the State’s representative to that organisation’s national body, the Australian Processor Council..

Warren Robinson

Robinson was reappointed to the Board for a three-year term in April 2015. He has been part of the meat industry for the last 49 years. His career started in 1967 as an apprentice butcher working in a local butcher shop in Victoria Park. In 1977, he was employed by Woolworths as Quality Control Manager, rising to State Meat Manager from 1988 to 2001. During that time, he conceived and developed the Bunbury Meat Centre (at V & V Walsh) to process product and service the Woolworths Meat Department throughout the state of Western Australia. Robinson is currently the Director of Warren Robinson Meat Trading and Consulting Company.

Kim McDougall

McDougall was reappointed to the Board as the representative for Private Abattoirs for a three-year term in April 2017. His career has spanned in excess of 30 years in the Western Australian livestock industry principally dealing with producers in the marketing of both cattle and sheep. He has represented the agribusiness agency sector at "WALSA" (Western Australian Livestock Salesmen's Association) as well as in the role of a management committee member of "Livestock Logistics". He is currently the General Manager for Livestock, of the Forrest families "Harvest Road Group", which include the procurement strategy for Harvey Beef and the management of the vast pastoral properties held by Forrest family. McDougall is currently on the Red Meat Advisory Councils (RMAC) "sustainability steering group" a national group that provides the overarching vision for Australia's beef and cattle industry. He was awarded a scholarship sponsored by (AMPC) Australian Meat Processors Corporation to participate in the prestigious Australian Rural Leadership Program. He holds an advanced diploma in leadership and management from the University of Western Australia.

Sally O'Brien

O'Brien was reappointed to the Board for a third three-year term in April 2017. She has been self-employed in a family broad acre agricultural business located at Irwin in WA's Midwest for the past 20 years. She was Vice Chairman of the Mingenew Irwin Group (2010-2017) (1998-2001 Treasurer). O'Brien is a founding board member of MIGO (Mingenew Irwin Group Operations) a commercial division of the Mingenew Irwin Group responsible for the identification of opportunities, formulation and implementation of policy in regards to commercial opportunities within the region, and still currently remains on the board.

Andrew Kennedy

Kennedy was appointed to the Board in May 2016. Kennedy commenced his legal career in London before moving to Melbourne to work in the field of workplace relations and safety for a national law firm. In 2006, Kennedy moved from Melbourne to Perth with the same national law firm before commencing in an in-house legal role with a multinational mining company. In that role he was responsible managing the Asia Pacific region legal team. In March 2017, Kennedy was appointed to the role of Australian Regional Group Executive, Legal Services, with Newmont Mining Corporation. In that role Kennedy has overall responsibility for the legal, land and records management functions. Prior to becoming a lawyer Kennedy pursued a career in Agriculture and spent several years working in the sector in England and in the United States.

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