Meat Processor FAQ

Muchea Animal Welfare

The Western Australian Meat Industry Authority, in partnership with delegates from the saleyard industry, Government and other industry sectors in 2008 developed Animal Welfare Standards for WA saleyards.

This project follows on from previously developed industry animal welfare standards for the meat processing industry (Australian Meat Industry Council) and the transport industry (Australian Livestock Transport Association). 

Q1a. What forms do I have to submit to WAMIA to operate an abattoir in WA?
  Form 1 (Application to operate an abattoir), WAMIA Act 1976 and WAMIA Regs 1985, Schedule 5, Reg 19, together with an Application particulars form and a Record of Compliance. These are to be completed and returned to WAMIA for consideration by the WAMIA Board at least two (2) months prior to the “new” operators commencing.
Q1b. What happens then?